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Alternate Sponsors for Career Mode - Pack 1 of 5 1.1

Pack 1 of 5 - real sponsors for your career mode

  1. rkh
    This is Pack 1 of 5. I decided to make 40 alternate real life sponsors, ranging from motorcycle to general sponsors such as MOTUL, PIRELLI, ANSWER RACING, RaceFace, SANTANDER, VP racing, MOTOREX, SuisseGas, etc. to such sponsors as NIKE, PUMA and many, many more.

    Pack 1:

    1. SuisseGas

    2. TEAM swatch

    3. TEAM NIKE

    4. brembo Racing

    5. VP Racing Team



    8. Pro 7 Media Team

    See preview pics below. Sponsors will show up on every screen and on the actual bike.

    2015-07-05_00001.jpg 2015-07-05_00002.jpg 2015-07-05_00003.jpg 2015-07-05_00004.jpg 2015-07-05_00005.jpg 2015-07-05_00006.jpg 2015-07-05_00007.jpg 2015-07-05_00008.jpg 2015-07-05_00009.jpg

    Install with mixfile remixer!

Recent Reviews

  1. jajo240
    Version: 1.1
    I really like those sponsors, thank you very much!
    1. rkh
      Author's Response
      Thank you!! More to come!!