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AI overhaul for F1 1993 season mod by Alexanderssen 3.0

Changes performance of drivers in accordance to their respective original performance in 1993

  1. Lordofthecars64
    This mod requires F1 1993 season mod by Alexanderssen. Credits to Alexanderssen and his/her great piece of work: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-1993-season-mod-part-1.15137

    This Database mod changes the following:
    • Faster and competitive Senna (he was constantly outpaced by Hakkinen in the original file)
    • Benetton performance reduced (moved to tier 2). I had the urge to correct that, as Benetton dominated the races in the original file.
    • Patrese performance reduced (as he was not a race winning driver in 93)
    • Schumacher performance increased (so that he remains competitive with his tier 2 car)
    • Wet weather performance adjusted (with Schumacher and Senna being more competitive in rain)
    • Some minor tweaks/corrections to the rest of the grid to match it with their original 1993 season performance
    Credits to Ryder25 and his EGO Database Editor. I could not have edited the file without this tool: http://www.ryder25.com/modding/ego-engine/
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