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Aguri Suzuki Helmets 1993-1995 1.0

Aguri Suzuki's helmets from 1993 to 1995

  1. airutonpurosuto8912
    This is my first helmet made from scratch, not 100% perfect but this is all what I could do.

    Aguri Suzuki Helmet 1993.jpg
    Aguri Suzuki Helmet 1994.jpg
    Aguri Suzuki Helmet 1995.jpg
    F1_2013 2014-09-14 12-41-18-63.jpg F1_2013 2014-09-14 12-41-33-60.jpg F1_2013 2014-09-14 12-49-26-16.jpg F1_2013 2014-09-14 12-49-37-43.jpg F1_2013 2014-09-14 12-49-41-03.jpg F1_2013 2014-09-14 16-49-19-48.jpg F1_2013 2014-09-14 16-50-07-65.jpg
    1993 helmet replaces Gen.25.
    1994 helmet replaces Gen.26.
    1995 helmet replaces Gen.27.

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  1. Farrell M Ghaisan
    Farrell M Ghaisan
    Version: 1.0
    I like it