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ACAT mod [Single / PvP Multiplayer] 2.3

Any Car on Any Track mod [PC] - No messing with game files

  1. MasterCloud

    Basically, this is Any Car on Any Track mod for Dirt Rally.
    (PC only)

    It allows you to:
    1. Pick any car in Singleplayer and PvP Multiplayer.
    2. Set any track in your session in PvP Multiplayer.
    3. Set any track for a Rallycross in Custom Event.

    Have a Rally or very fun all-cars Rallycross session with your friends in PvP Multiplayer!








    • Some temporarily graphical bugs may occur as the game was never designed for this.
    • All participants in your game session should have this mod. Those who don't - still can play on your modded server but will not be able to neither pick a non-RX car nor properly finish a track.
    • That is really not our fault ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    A collaborative work with Anton Vit, the original creator of ACAT for Dirt 3 Complete Edition.
    Created for Dirt Rally v1.22+ on Steam. No installation required.

    Assembled with Cheat Engine. Some antiviruses may block it.

    Detailed instruction inside the archive on both English and Russian languages.


    UPD. More about 3rd possibility:

    To set a rally track for a Rallycross in a Custom Event ->

    1. Go to the Custom Event option tn the game.
    2. Make sure "RALLYCROSS" is selected in the game
    3. Start holding F5
    4. Press Enter or any other select button you use.
    5. Don't release F5 yet, set a rallycross detailes. Now any race location in the game shall be available.
    6. Press Enter or any other select button you use for a track selection menu.
    7. Release F5
    8. Pick any car. At this point you shall already understand how to ;)
    9. Hold F6 to set a second mod's option on to have only 1 lap in a modded rallycross.
    10. All done!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Zexe
    Version: 2.3
    Awesome mod! Too bad not many know of this mod!
  2. JCabri
    Version: 2.3
    Thank you and congratulations! Finally all cars in all tracks :D
    1. MasterCloud
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Check out the mod's description UPD! :)
  3. KennyBarroz
    Version: 2.3
    Downloading it now, but this is just what i have been waiting for, BRILLIANT!
    1. MasterCloud