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500cc Two Stroke Reflective Visors 1.1

500cc Two Stroke Reflective Visors Mod 1.1

  1. Aaron Smythe
    MotoGPVR46 2017-03-22 23-35-00-30.jpg MotoGPVR46 2017-03-19 10-23-51-54.jpg MotoGPVR46 2017-03-19 11-05-50-48.jpg MotoGPVR46 2017-03-19 10-55-38-49.jpg MotoGPVR46 2017-03-19 10-46-18-14.jpg MotoGPVR46 2017-03-19 10-50-27-01.jpg 500cc Two Stroke Reflective Visors ... because upon reflection ... this seemed like the right thing to do ;-)

    Install instructions for noobs -- Use The Mixfile remixer to unpack 'TwoStrokes 500' mixfile . Copy the contents (visors) into the helmets Folder of the unpacked 'TwoStrokes 500' mixfile .... then repack and remix/rewrite back to and over the 'TwoStrokes 500' mixfile using remixer .