• Goodbye Dan Gurney, and thanks for the memories...
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30.11 2017-12-02

MSC-Premium Editon

  1. itsmejeff123
    How to download
    1. Press key combo Win+R
    2.Type in Run "appdata".
    3.Then should pop up Windows Explorer
    4. click LocalLow/Amistech/My Summer Car
    5.You can delete these files or make backup folder.
    6.Make sure you have folder emty
    7.Now you need to open file with WinRar
    8.If you dont have it download trial from here https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
    9.Extract it anywhere you want
    10.Open it
    11.Copy all files
    12.Paste them in the folder what you opened before
    13.Open My Summer car

    P.S- This save file contains Maxed Satsuma with nitro+
    all wheels are behind the shop


    1. ThumbNail.png

Recent Reviews

  1. myshfokij
    Version: 2017-12-02
    It's not yours save thieving child
  2. freguety124
    Version: 2017-12-02
    Not working dude...
  3. Radex
    Version: 2017-12-02
    This is mine save. Player name: RADEX.
    1. itsmejeff123
      Author's Response
      Sorry dude but you canĀ“t proof its yours becouse your save has diffrent defaultES2File