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2017 Visor Pack for Motogp Class 1.1

Motogp visor mod

  1. Aaron Smythe
    MotoGP17 2017-06-23 21-54-41-77.jpg MotoGP17 2017-06-23 21-40-34-29.jpg MotoGP17 2017-06-23 21-25-51-17.jpg 2017 Visor Pack for Motogp Class

    Modified Visors For the Motogp 2017 Motogp Class.

    This mod gives all the Motogp Riders (2017) the shiny reflective 'tearoff' look for a bit more realism .

    Cheers , if I get more time I will make for other classes also .

Recent Reviews

  1. Giovaneveterano
    Version: 1.1
    Top quality. Thank you!
    1. Aaron Smythe
      Author's Response
      thanks . I might do moto 2 yet