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2016 Goodsmile Racing Hatsune Miku AMG GT3 v1.2.0

2016 Goodsmile Racing Hatsune Miku AMG GT3 by PatchySan for pCars

  1. PatchySan
    2016 Goodsmile Racing Hatsune Miku AMG GT3 by PatchySan

    v1.00 - Initial Release
    v1.10 - Increase taper on headlight surrounds. Increased depth of carbon arch lining. Minor rear end adjustments.
    v1.20 - Personal Sponsors Alpha fix, GSR Front logo moved in line with full race version (over initial concept) and Telepathy JP Hi-Res fix. Finally found the correct yellow rabbit on the rear spoiler underneath and has been replicated.

    This is probably one of my favourite Racing Hatsune Miku liveries to date though it is one of the most complex and time consuming ones I've done. >_<

    Do I regret taking on the project? Probably yes. Is it worth it? Heck yeah! Hope you guys enjoy it, I tried my very best to replicate the 2016 GSR racing project that's currently competing in the 2016 Japanese Super GT championship. #FightGSR

    Oh BTW, I will never see diamond tessellations the same way again. The ************!





Recent Reviews

  1. GeForce06
    Version: v1.2.0
    fantastic !!!