• "I'm going to pee in your seat" - Jenson Button
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2015 Mod 1.1

A 2015 mod with a new database and some 2015 liveries

  1. Zebraman1066
    The mod includes:
    • slower ai in the Rain
    • a new 2015 database
      • Tier 1: McLaren, Mercedes, Red Bull, Williams
      • Tier 2: Ferrari, Force India
      • Tier 3: Toro Rosso, Lotus, Sauber
    • Deleted Marussia and Caterham
    • 2015 Lotus skin upload_2015-2-14_13-29-10.png
    • 2015 driver line up

Recent Reviews

  1. xTerryG1
    Version: 1.1
    No more pics?
  2. zuhaitz667
    Version: 1.0
    mclaren better than mercedes?WTF?!
    1. Zebraman1066
      Author's Response
      I am a massive McLaren Fan Sorry