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2014 Silverstone Track Update 2014-07-09

2014 Silverstone Track Update

  1. Bertin
    2014 Silverstone Track Update

    Here is update for Silverstone 2014 circuit.

    I reworked advertising banners, as well as this year's Grand Prix. Changed tirewalls to white and added a Santander GP Podium.

    T.Y. Salut Gilles for perfekt of Rolex –clock in pitlane.

    Back up your original files ...

    Copying files to ... steamapps/common/f12013/tracks/circuit/silversone folder ..

    Enjoy it!


    1. S_8.jpg
    2. S_7.jpg
    3. S_6.jpg
    4. S_5.jpg
    5. S_4.jpg
    6. S_3.jpg
    7. S_2.jpg
    8. S_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Rinat6565
    Version: 2014-07-09
    5. Very good work. And, what program you change the track?
  2. rico4
    Version: 2014-07-09
    great work !!