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Thrustmaster 24 Hours of Le Mans (LIVE)
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2014 Monza Track Update 2014-09-09

2014 Monza Track

  1. Bertin
    2014 Monza Track Update

    Here is update for 2014 Monza circuit.

    I reworked advertising banners, as well as this year's Grand Prix and Pirelli GP Podium and green tirewalls and atc….

    T.Y. Salut Gilles for perfekt of Rolex –clock in pitline.

    Back up your original files ...

    Copying files to ... steamapps/common/f12013/tracks/circuit/monza folder ..

    Enjoy it!


    1. M_01.jpg
    2. M_02.jpg
    3. M_04.jpg
    4. M_06.jpg
    5. M_07.jpg
    6. M_08.jpg
    7. M_09.jpg
    8. M_10.jpg
    9. M_11.jpg
    10. M_12.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. 1349901256
    Version: 2014-09-09
    great job
  2. Spitfire1970
    Version: 2014-09-09
    I like your Work very much! Thank You.