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2012 Michela Cerruti Tatuus Abarth FA01 1.0

#18 Michela Cerruti replica livery

  1. Bernd Graf
    Presenting an inspired replica livery for the Formula Abarth from the 2012 Formula 3 season!

    600_Michela-Cerruti-1.jpg Screenshot_tatuusfa1_nurburgring_15-9-115-2-4-51.jpg

    I've taken Michela Cerruti's car as inspiration to create a near-replica of the livery. Matched colors, some scratch logos, and some creative license as to positioning, lines, and scaling, all to bring you into the game! One of the few blue Tatuus liveries, too, which is why I decided to do it :) Enjoy!

    Screenshot_tatuusfa1_nurburgring_15-9-115-2-5-54.jpg Screenshot_tatuusfa1_nurburgring_15-9-115-2-2-38.jpg Screenshot_tatuusfa1_nurburgring_15-9-115-2-7-36.jpg Screenshot_tatuusfa1_nurburgring_15-9-115-2-7-58.jpg Screenshot_tatuusfa1_nurburgring_15-9-115-2-8-18.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. karina-moskva
    Version: 1.0
    Nice HD !!
    1. Bernd Graf
      Author's Response
      Thanks, Karina, I should have been skinning this little joy a long time ago :)