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1v1 Duel Track (ROC ) 0.7

1v1 fictional Race Track, Fun, Simple , like Race of Champions

  1. Bernd Halbeisen
    This is a fictional 1v1 Race Track , for Challenges like "Race of Champions(ROC)" .
    I have made this Track with Race Track Builder,
    and It is just for Fun , so don´t take this Project too serious.

    Working AI , you can drive Quick Races against the AI.
    Don´t forget you always have to drive even laps 2,4,6...
    otherwise is not the same Distance for everybody.

    12 Pits (if you want you can drive 1v1,2v2,3v3...6v6)

    The Timing and Race Positions are not showing the right values while driving, but after the Race at the End Result Screen, the Position and Timing is right.

    1v1_oben.JPG 1v1_vorschau1.JPG 1v1_vorschau2.JPG 1v1_vorschau3.JPG
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