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1994 BTCC 0.8

Super Touring Cars

  1. Markano97
    This is the skinpack of the 1994 btcc.

    Credits go to:Simon Gardner for his skins and permission to convert them
    Me for converting them
    Mr.T for all his fixes,talent files and menu button
    AndreasFSC for his supertouring mod aswell as his new trunks and special wings
    Ollie C for his F1 challenge cars(mazda xedos,toyota carina and renault 19)
    Simbin for the volvo 850 estate

    Requirements:apart from the supertouring mod v1.3 you also need the stcc2 addon for the volvo 850

    Installation:Extract the files on the Race 07 main directory
    Have fun!!!
    Race_Steam 2015-09-01 14-06-46-65.jpg Race_Steam 2015-09-01 14-16-06-63.jpg
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