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1991 Silk Cut Mazda 787B 2017-02-04

Skin for Mazda 787B

  1. bm91
    This is the Silk Cut livery based on the 1991 Jaguar XJR-12 and XJR-14 for the same year-old Mazda 787B.


    1. Showroom_mazda_787b_4-1-2017-15-0-30.jpg
    2. Screenshot_mazda_787b_ks_brands_hatch_4-2-117-16-28-18.jpg
    3. Screenshot_mazda_787b_ks_brands_hatch_4-2-117-16-29-54.jpg
    4. Screenshot_mazda_787b_circuit_de_la_sarthe_30-1-117-21-1-24.jpg