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1979 Total Upgrade 1.0

Special Upgrade Pack for 1979 PedroXIII Mod

  1. chianamik
    Special Upgrade Pack for 1979 PedroXIII Mod

    New menu
    New Driver Pics
    New Database (career 8 laps)
    New database ( 1979 starting grid for 3 laps)
    New language (fix bugs)
    Cars image in career menu
    Driver Pics in career menu
    New Cars and new livery design

    New helmets
    New clothes
    New A.I ( mistakes and bad luck)
    New Player Image in career
    New Tracks (Sochi for Long beach/Circuit of America for Watkins Glen)

    New garages
    Drivers Helmets in the menu
    New interiors
    1979 Telefunken Filter inside
    New frontend adbord track and filter (menu)
    New Start Logo
    Added Ferrari 312T3 dds file in the directory of Ferrari Livery
    Gp4 1979 vintage inspired :)

    ...and other FIX in next Version

    2.jpg F1_2014 2016-09-26 12-50-35-11.jpg F1_2014 2016-09-26 12-50-42-19.jpg 8 (2).jpg F1_2014 2016-09-26 12-51-52-57.jpg 7 (2).jpg F1_2014 2016-09-26 12-53-00-26.jpg 4 (2).jpg 5 (2).jpg

    - Alexanderssen for Renault and Brabham
    inspiration Livery

    - PedroXIII for the wonderful Mod

    - Talisman for the Passion!!!!!

    1)Backup your file
    2)Copy Rar files in the directory of the First 1979PedroXIII mod

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Recent Reviews

  1. wein
    Version: 1.0
    Beautiful! Thankyou bery much!! The f12014 looks nice, good with the 1979 season. Like a new game... ;)
  2. racetobi
    Version: 1.0
    Nice can you make pls the Race length to orignal (sorry for bad english) ;)
  3. edi07
    Version: 1.0
    What has changed in database? can I use updates for each track in carrer or not ?
    1. chianamik
      Author's Response
      I believe that if all install all nothing happens
  4. DavideRay
    Version: 1.0
    Wow! brilliant work!
    1. chianamik
      Author's Response